22 April 2014

What do you want from an experiment?

Please, I beg that the few of you reading this post a comment so I can make up my own mind. (Who could be expected to do that on their own?!)

The next experiment I'd like to do is to test pitching rates on a standard gravity (23*Bx, SG 1.097) mead; a duplication of an experiment from a scientific journal. My problem? What would you care about: many gravity and pH readings to see how the different pitching rates effect kinetics (ie. high sample rate of 4-8 hrs between samples), or modest sample rate (~12hrs between samples)? Obviously the former is better, however, I work; I'm a real person! (Sometimes?)
Basically, if people are OK with a low sample rate (inconclusive fermentation kinetics data), then I can start soon; if people would prefer accurate kinetics data I would have to wait for several weeks, possibly months. It's your choice, wait (even longer), or deal with only moderate understanding of how pitching rate effects fermentation kinetics.

If no one feels like commenting, then don't complain! (Not that you'll post your complaints, but I'll still here you!!!)


  1. Bueller . . . ? Bueller . . .?

  2. I'd say wait, and get the data every 4 hours or so. That'll be much more interesting I'd think.

  3. Then that's the plan. Who said voting doesn't matter?