18 February 2014

Beer Anyone?

No one will probably read this, it may have something to do with being a new blog, or the esoteric nature of this blog (please feel free to correct me in the comments section, anyone? Beuller?), but I felt it necessary to post about this. (and it's my damn blog, so I'll do as I please!)

If anyone here is a brewer, I highly recommend Ron Pattinson's newest book, The Homebrewers Guide to Vintage Beer; actually, I recommend most of his books (especially Bitter!, Mild! Plus, Porter!, and Strong!), but this is a good place to start. If you ever thought you knew something about beer history, and wanted some actual recipes, this is what you want. It is impeccably well researched, informative, and concise.
He also maintains a blog, Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, that shows his many hours in the catacombs of archives firmly places him at the pinnacle of historical beer research. Full of wit, facts, brewlogs, stats, more stats, techniques, even more stats, and anything else concerning the history and development of many English beers, and a few continental styles as well, his blog is a great place to check before you go bragging about your beer history knowledge.
So, if you think that IPA was high in alcohol to survive the journey, or that porter was smoky, or that grodziskie was sour, you may wish to pull your head out of your @$$ and buy some of his books and read his blog.

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