26 February 2014

Some Brix Curves

 Here. . . have some brix curves. The ones to the right show three different musts fermented with the same yeast. I can't draw very much from these because they are single data sets; I wish I had them in triplicate to see if there are any trends, but I don't. Also note that I don't have data for the final parts of fermentation (<6*Bx), but they all slow compared to the main part, without dragging on for ever.

Below we have 5 ferments, 2 palm, 2 orange blossom, and 1 brazilian pepper (AKA Christmasberry). The original plan was to have 2 of each kind of honey, one with a control yeast (D21 here), and the other a different yeast, but life gets in the way, and I needed some honey for a bochet in a pinch (the brazilian pepper worked nicely).

All 5 have the exact same recipe except for the honeys and yeasts: same additives, nutrient schedule, fermentation temps, pitching rates, gravity (original and final), etc.. They are all getting some sur lie treatment right now and should be coming into their own by next winter.

These aren't perfect data sets, and can't tell much, but they do show the general shape of a healthy ferment. Some have faster drops, others slower, some have longer lag phases, and some finish fast and others slow (though none were too prolonged).

The recipe can be found on this GotMead thread, but it does require Patron status on GotMead (which any serious meadmaker should have anyways!).

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