05 June 2014


Sorry, to the handful of you that read this, that I haven't posted much recently; it turns out that for all my lazziness I'm very busy. What little free time I've had lately has been devoted to research for some upcoming posts that, I assure you, are well worth the wait.

For now, just a quick observation and a question. I've noticed that batches of mead where the equipment was sanitized with star-San produce more H2S (rotten egg smell) than batches where the equipment was sanitized with iodine. Now, star-San is a sulfur based santizer, but the specific form of sulfur is supposedly not able to be metabolized by yeast. Has anyone else noticed this? I've had it with identicle recipes (even using the same exact batch of ingredients), where the only difference is the star-San vs iodophor.

P.S. Yes there is always a tiny bit of H2S I can detect (I think I'm more sensitive to it than others, though not with other sulfur compounds) in batches of mead or even beer. Nothing that stirring and splash racking can't fix (in the case of mead, with beer it goes away during the diacetyl rest); I've yet to have it in a final product (of mine).

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